Dynamic views

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Dynamic views

The user can specify attributes and relations with other objects for the set view for any object in the database.

Objects returned in the results can be filtered based on the requirements of their attributes and relations with other objects.

The result view can be customized for any kind of objects as well as any combination of their properties.

Individual set view is created by selecting desired information.

Filtering criteria and information pieces are selected separately

Search criteria can be different from the data selected for the result view. For example, the user can filter Nobel Prize winners by sex and then select the country and date of birth for the view.

Dynamic and elastic creation of data views. Filtering criteria and information pieces are selected separately.

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Both attributes and relations appear dynamically, and while searching the base structure is irrelevant for the user at each stage of searching.
At each stage, the user has full access to all possible search options. The user doesn’t have to care about the concepts, properties’ correct names, or the query structure, and complex queries can be created easily and dynamically.

  • Vincit Search is invulnerable to structure modification. While introducing possible choices, Vincit Search brings the options from the data structure as is.
  • The solution is generic, so it works on any kind of data, branch and size of database.